"They told me and I forgot, I saw and understood, I did it and learned." Confucius
Experience Science and technology

This page provides basic information about the idea and subject of the TechnoMagicLand children's interactive science and technology center. TechnoMagicLand is area for curios kids created by dreamers with bold ideas and a lot of desire!
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On this page you will find detailed information about the services you can use in TechnoMagicLand interactive science and technology center. The purpose of this page is to help you plan your next visit easily and conveniently.
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TechnoMagicLand program offers practical activities for all guests, regardless of their age and experience.
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3 kids with best results for this month

  • 1 Александ Караманчева, 7г.
  • 2 МИРА НОВИКОВА, 10г.
  • 3 Ivailo Gerganov, 10г.