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Welcome to the project information page!

On this page you have the opportunity to learn more about the cause that consolidate our team. This is the key to success, thanks to which you can see the project realized and prosperous today.

We have our own legend - an inspiring story that helps us make the present full of creativity, and tomorrow better than today.

We work for a good cause, in which our friends and partners, donors and sponsors, the media and most importantly - the little curious people, for whom TechnoMagicLand was created, believed.

We are always happy to welcome new ideas to implement in the territory for curious people. Therefore, no matter how abstract, complex and incredible your idea is, do not hesitate to share it with us. We will be happy to share your ideas or to inspire you to look for an opportunity to join us. In addition to the candle, you have the opportunity to join us as a volunteer or to check the vacancies.

Your opinion is extremely important to us! You can see reviews from our customers and guests at Google, TripAdvisor, the specialized sections on social networks and the review book published on our page.

We know that there is always a way to get better, and we never take on the challenge of finding that better way.

Your help is invaluable to us!

We hope the page is useful and easy to use. If you need help and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.