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Students from Vratsa visited us!


Students from Vratsa visited us!

Students from the "St. Sofroniy Vratchanski" Elementary School in Vratsa visited TechnoMagicLand, where they had the opportunity to observe and participate in interesting and innovative experiments in the field of science and technology.

The students had an organized visit to the exhibition, and after a group discussion, they independently experimented in various scientific disciplines. They had the chance to have fun with their reflections in the "funhouse mirrors" and experience being inside a giant soap bubble.

Their adventure in the world of science concluded with exciting demonstrations that sparked their interest in various physical and chemical phenomena. They learned why balloons pop and discovered their remarkable durability. They gained an understanding of vacuum and how it can alter everyday objects. They learned a lot about the physical forces in our surrounding world, and in the end, they were impressed by the visual presentation of different forms and manifestations of fire.