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For TechnoMagicLand, the touch with science brings a sense of celebration.

Every day we show dozens of curious people how this magic happens. Every child's birthday is a special holiday for the family. We know that his organization is not always an easy task, especially when children are over 8 years old and are no longer interested in a standard party.

Therefore, we make a special offer - a birthday party at TechnoMagicLand!

The party is 90 minutes long for groups up to 10 children and includes:

  • optional demonstration;
  • an organized walk in the exposition;
  • free time for experiments; 
  • entertainment in the magical world of TML-1.

The parquet price for a birthday party for 10 children over 6 years is 240 BGN.

For more than 10 guests is paid 15 BGN for each next, but no more than a total of 25 children. Birthdays are made on a preliminary request, which must be made at least 10 days before the date of the event on 0889 805 995 within our working hours. In order to keep a specific date and time for celebrating on birthday, you need to pay a deposit of 50% of the bank account value or at the cash desk at the Center. It must be paid up to 3 days before the date of the event. It is possible to change already made and paid reservations within one month after notification by phone 0889 805 995 within our working hours and confirmation of the new date by the TechnoMagicLand team.

For safety and full experience of children have to comply with the rules of visit and conduct at TechnoMagicLand, as well as have parental or companion control. If there are children with specific health or behavioral needs in the group, please let us know in advance. We reserve the right to remove visitors who do not comply with the rules of the Center.

For details and inquiries contact us at 0889 805 995 within our working hours.

Birthday request form