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General Information

Dear visitors,

We would like to welcome you to TechnoMagicLand – the territory for the curious minds! To have a pleasant experience, please take your time to inform yourself with the information about the exhibits and the rules of behavior.

Working hours and visit duration

Accurate and recent information about the working hours could be found in section “Working hours” of this website. TechnoМagicLands`s webpage contains the most accurate information about the working hours. We do not engage with information provided by third parties.

When planning your visit keep in mind the following:

In need of additional information that is not provided here, feel free to contact us.

Depending on the age of the visitors, the time, needed for the exhibit is different. We suggest that you plan a minimum of 1 hour.

The maximum duration of the visit is 4 hours. When that time is exceeded, the wristlets are deactivated and the visitors are asked to leave the exhibit space.

Last admission for the science centre is at 18:00. After that visitors cannot buy tickets and visit the exhibit.


You can leave your coat and bag in the dedicated area near the entrance. TechnoMagicLand does not take any responsibility for your personal belongings.

Food and Drinks

It is forbidden to bring food and drinks in the exhibit space and the laboratories.


Children under 12 yo must be accompanied by an adult during the whole visit.

The exhibit space is not suitable for children under 7.

Photos and video recording 

Recording video and photos - the use of cameras and non-professional cameras for personal purposes is allowed. We would be glad if you share your photos and videos in the electronic channels of communication with the Center;
Professional photography and video recording - photography, sound and video recording for commercial purposes or advertising may only be done with the permission of TechnoMagicLand.
Photographers and/or media may be present at the site. Visitors and guests of the center may be photographed and videotaped. By participating in events and being present at the site, you grant TechnoMagicLand association the right to use photos or video/audio recordings taken in your presence or with your participation. These recordings may be used for educational or promotional purposes and also for sharing with external media. Please do not cross the marked line if you do not wish to be present for photographs or to be recorded.
For additional information about the section, contact the responsible person by e-mail apotebnya@technomagicland.com


Materials can be used for commercial purposes only with TechnoMagicLand`s approval.

Group visits

All visitors, entering the science centre as a group must follow the rules in the exhibit. The adult companions of the group take the responsibility of all behavior in the exhibit space. Actual information about visits can be found in section “Organized visits”.


TechnoMagicLand provides the visitors with an interactive exhibit with more than 40 hands on experiments. For the proper use of the experiments you need to read the dedicated instructions for each of them.

Exhibit rules

Consumption of food and drinks in the exhibit is absolutely forbidden.

Visitors must not run, climb or break the experiments.

Parts of the experiments must not be removed and taken out of the exhibit space.

Visitors msut be respectful to others in the exhibit area.


Following the safety rules provided by TechnoMagicLand`s staff is required.

TechnoMagicLand's space is under constant video surveillance.

TechnoMagicLand is not responsible for incidents caused by the injured person's fault or due to non-observance or neglect of the warnings and instructions of the Center's employees.

Access to the exhibit space

TechnoMagicLand`s ticket is an activated wristlet with RFID chip that visitors receive after paying the entrance fee and deposit.

You need to wear your bracelet throughout your stay at TechnoMagicLand. Except for entry into the exhibition, it is used to collect points for attendance in the charts for visitors aged 7 to 14 and activation of most of the experiments. After leaving the exhibit, visitors can return the bracelet to the cashier where they receive their deposit back If desired, the bracelet can be bought and used on a next visit.

Information for foreign visitors

Instructions to the experiments are provided in Bulgarian and English. On-demand demonstrations and workshops for school groups can be organized in English.

Parking space

You can use the covered parking lot of "Sofia Tech Park" for an hourly fee. Detailed instructions on how to get to the parking space are available here. - A detailed Walking Path to TechnoMagicLand is available here.

Bus parking

For bus parking it is necessary to contact us in advance. The location of the bus parking lot is in close proximity to the building.

Disabled persons

Most of the experiments are accessible for disabled people. The center itself is accessible for people with mobility disabilities, with an elevator, and our staff is always available to help. If you need assistance, you need to contact us.

Lost and foud

Lost items are delivered to the reception desk and must be collected personally by the owner within 30 days. Information about items is not given on the phone.Uncollected items are destroyed after the 30day period.

You can contact us for assistance if you did not find the information you are interested in this section.