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At TechnoMagicLand, we strive to ignite our interest in the natural sciences and technology through our natural pursuit of discovery and exploration through experimentation, play and racing.

Interactive exhibition is the heart of TechnoMagicLand.

The exposition is a special space with an area of more than 1000 square meters, which houses installations for experiments in the following areas:

  • physics;
  • mathematics;
  • information technology;
  • new technologies that adolescents will create and create in the future.

Every installation for experimentation in exposition challenges the curious. It has instruction in Bulgarian and English. The instructions provide information:

  • do ... / the challenge is ...
  • watch ...
  • this is due to ...
  • its application is ... / meets ...

Experiments and experience are at the heart of exibition.

TechnoMagicLand's architectural space is modeled on the world's leading science centers for working with children and young people. The best of the world examples has been borrowed, with the unique information system that adds an element of competition. We used consultations from academics, science teachers, psychologists, engineers-innovators, educators, architects, and interior designers.

The path from users to technology creators.

The experiment is a prerequisite for a new look, explanation, discovery of a relevant phenomenon, law or a new and deeper understanding of the essence of a technology. This helps young and curious minds not only observe but experience the magic of discovery, science and technology. Enriching for the child is the ability to work with physical and digital models of identical objects. In this way, we strive to support the adoption of the approach and the awareness of the benefits of computer modeling.

We do not underestimate the fun!

Entertainment is an important approach in our work. The fun side of the exhibit is the discovery that is inherent to everyone, which is why we call the Center "territory for the curious." We think our visitors are curious and come to us to learn something new and fascinating in fun. The center is intended for curious people over 7 years. This is the time when they go to school and the focus shifts from games to the accumulation of knowledge.

Visiting the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for parents as well. It's fun and enriching for them too. Allows for empathy that leaves lasting memories. And also to showcase the gifts of their children, to encourage and support their future development.

The scientific approach is extremely important to us - each installation enables its application in the acquisition of knowledge:

  • Research the phenomenon you want to describe. Gather data and / or make measurements;
  • Reflect the results obtained and formulate hypotheses that explain them;
  • Assume something you have not yet observed on the basis of the hypothesis;
  • Check that the assumptions are correct with additional research and / or new experiments;
  • Assess whether the hypothesis may be true. If not all the assumptions are correct, then the hypothesis is not true. In this case, formulate a new hypothesis. If the assumptions are correct, make new assumptions and check them again.

Attractive> Inactive> Game (racing element)> Scientific approach> Enrichment with knowledge (Cognition)

In TechnoMagicLand, the gaming approach is actively applied, and in exhibition it is combined with the racing element, which allows for 2 forms of competition:

  • competition between people;
  • competition between humans and artificial intelligence.

Perhaps we still a lot to tell you about exposure TechnoMagicLand.

Surely tomorrow something will be changed!

We are actively working on the continuous updating of the TechnoMagicLand experiments, development and expansion. We set ourselves the goal of supplementing and enriching our exhibition by up to 30% each year. The exhibition opens on June 23, 2018 with 39 experiments.

  • The total number of experiments is currently 45.

Following Confucius' sentiment, "They told me, I forgot. They showed me, I understood. I did, and I learned a lifetime "strongly recommend to visit us.

Detailed information on organizing your visit is available in the section Visits.

The heart of TechnoMagicLand awaits you!

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