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Volunteering and Internships

TechnoMagicLand offers opportunities for volunteering in a field chosen by the volunteer. Each volunteer receives specialized training, which is an opportunity to receive deep and extensive knowledge and innovations in the chosen area of specialization. Practical work in a real environment is the basis for creating valuable skills and habits.

The volunteer program is developed in accordance with the latest methodology applied by the European voluntary programs and the classification of skills, competencies, qualifications, and occupations (ESCO).

Volunteers are required to prepare a CV. It is required to have information about relevant practical experience to our work experience. The CV should be accompanied by a short motivation letter (it can also be a text of the email itself). The cover letter and CV should be emailed to office@technomagicland.com.

Volunteer programs by areas

  • Scientific program - demonstrations, workshops, scientific events, special programs
  • Exposition - creating experiments, maintaining experiments
  • Marketing - communications, digital marketing, personal sales, and consumer behavior

General rules of TechnoMagicLand volunteer programs

1. Participation in the program is voluntary and without compensation, and the volunteers are ambassadors of the mission of the TechnoMagicLand (Center).

2. The volunteer program is approved by the Center and meets its needs, which change over time.

3. Each volunteer, depending on the chosen field, has a responsible mentor for his daily program. The mentor is directly accountable for the work of the volunteer and is the primary contact.

4. The volunteer is accepted as part of the Center's team and receives introductory instruction in the first days of joining the team.

5. The needs of volunteers for the Center are communicated in all communication channels of the Center.

6. The selection of candidates is carried out in two stages - selection by documents and an interview.

7. Minors can also apply for the voluntary programs of the Center in explicit compliance with the applicable legislation.

8. The efforts made and the products of the volunteers' work are the property of the Center, which they provide free of charge.

9. Volunteers, within their voluntary service, are representatives of the Center. It is possible to become part of its public image regulated by the Center for Personal Data Protection policy.

10. During their volunteering at the Center, volunteers are obliged to:

  • obey moral and ethical principles;
  • work honestly and conscientiously;
  • learn and achieve high results;
  • strive for high quality by following the guidelines of their mentor;
  • participate in the daily life of the Center

11. During their volunteer service, volunteers are not entitled to:

  • identify themselves as members of the Center's team in the event of their participation in political affairs and activities;
  • spread inaccurate, unverified, or misleading information in their network of contacts;
  • disseminate specific, sensitive, or personal information that has become available to them in connection with the voluntary service;
  • engage in organizations that have similar or the same activities as the Center.

12. Volunteers benefit from:

  • unique preferences, which are determined specifically for each program;
  • The right to a free lunch during his service. The amount for lunch may not exceed BGN 10 per person per day;
  • On a gratuitous visit to the Exposition of the Center within two years from the last day of his service. During their visits, they have the right to bring up to 5 companions, who enjoy a discount of 10%.
  • A discount of 10% of the fee for all organized activities within two years after the end of your volunteer service.

13. At the end of their program, each volunteer receives a certificate that describes the work she/he has done in detail.

14. Volunteers always remain friends of the Center and become part of the TechnoMagicLand community.

These rules were accepted on 05.01.2021


TechnoMagicLand internship programs are a good opportunity for young scientists, researchers, or professionals to gain experience working with people of different ages, to test the acquired knowledge in school or higher education.

Our team analyzes its possibilities for allocating resources for the training of new specialists, applying an individual approach to each candidate. Those interested in learning more about internship programs can contact us.