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Hello, smarty-pants!

You've probably already visited TechnoMagicLand and explored its territory, the experiments it has to offer, and the ideas behind the whole project. We hope you enjoyed it and want you to keep the creative mood and thirst for knowledge. Now is the time to inspire you! Become our partners and help us make TechnoMagicLand even more exciting and engaging. This can be done in numerous ways - with an idea for an experiment or a proposal for a scientific event, workshop, or demonstration, and why not just with a suggestion on how to do something better, more fascinating, and more stunning.

Creating ideas is extremely important. Behind every experiment, program activity, or even a specific way of doing something ordinary, there is an idea or a concept that is invented by someone else. If you have your idea for an exhibit or experiment, calendar activity, or just something exciting and amusing for the guests of TechoMagicLand, do not hesitate to share it with us. This idea may soon become a reality.

This proposal is aimed at absolutely everyone because good ideas can be born anywhere, regardless of age. For instance, you can be a young discoverer who has not yet reached the school years and to suggest an idea with a drawing. It is possible to be a student who came up with a brilliant idea while listening to a principle or law in science class. It is not excluded to be an undergraduate who has an ingenious idea for a piece of machinery that can be presented in an understandable and accessible way. Moreover, you can be a professional who has an appropriate and applicable idea to the cause of TechnoMagicLand. And why not be a retiree who wants to pass on their knowledge and experience to future generations?

The idea must be new and inspiring in the field of science, technology, and engineering. Caution! The execution of the idea or the experiment must be safe. The commission will decide whether and how your suggested idea will be implemented. After taking the decision we will contact you.

Do the impossible!

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