Nowadays, technologies are developing faster than evermore, and more people are involved in the sector.

Technologies are the basis of economic prosperity, and they facilitate our everyday life. We have to realize that we should approach them as creators and inventors, not only as consumers. In this way, the mistrust that we are experiencing because of the new and unknown will be replaced by self-confidence in our strength and abilities.

The way we perceive technology and how this process is regulated is exceptionally essential for society. If we are unprepared or unqualified for the new developments in the constantly changing world, we will not be able to justify the extent to which they may be a threat. Therefore, the technology end-users of any age must be acquainted with the innovations, which inevitably one day will become part of their life.

Our main goal is to make the technologies recognizable for the future consumers and creators – the children. Our desire is for the new generation to recognize the advantages of the technologies of the future, to embrace them, and at the same time to encourage and support their mutual development.

That is the prime mission of the interactive center TechnoMagicLand, established by us – to spark the interest in technology and sciences in children. With the help of the "territory for curious discoverers" they will become familiar with the magic of science and technologies.

TechnoMagicLand is established in partnership with Sofia Tech Park. The company has a purely idealistic goal - no profits will be distributed to participating parties, and if any are generated, they will be solely used for the development of the exhibition.

We firmly believe that the future of education belongs to the approach "Learning by doing," which has proven to be one of the most efficient approaches in working with children. Today, informal education brings more information and skills, and due to this fact, it precedes the traditional education models. With the creation and operation of TechnoMagicLand we will try to set a non-formal model of education, in which the experience and personal satisfaction from the enrichment of knowledge are leading.

TechnoMagicLand is not a museum.

Снимка КонфуцийWe have the confidence that the curiosity to understand the world and the desire to experiment is inherent for children. Unlike museums, where the technology development of a specific technology and its and results are presented through illustrations and sample models. We use different interactive installations and approaches that allow young and curious minds to observe and be in touch with real-life technologies.  

We offer interactive presentations at the TechnoMagicLand that lead to easier and constant assimilation of new knowledge and consolidation of existing one without reducing and simplifying the content. Our goal is to apply the Philosophy of Confucius "They told me, and I forgot. They showed me, and I understood. I did it, and I learned it for my entire life".

Since ancient times, humankind perceives new things as hostile and threatening. Many kids are trapped by such thinking, and even from early ages; they build the psychological barrier they will hold their entire life - that science is something too complicated, and that technologies are something scary, and they are "not for me" through specially selected and adapted experiments TechnoMagicLand opened a field for the expression of children's curiosity. 

We think that our unique game element will ignite everyone's innate passion for competitions and strongly attract the audience's attention. The aspect will involve children in the same way technology functions and reveal the secrets of technology creation and management from the inside.

Our goal is to build the right attitude towards technology in the next generation. TechnoMagicLand does not have the ambition to make all children dedicate themselves to science and technology. This would be inapplicable and non-functional - not everyone can and should be an engineer. But everyone will use technology. As parents and society, we must educate active and informed users and help to create workers with good technical knowledge, prepared for the professions of the future.

We believe that TechnoMagicLand contributes to the revival and upgrading of Bulgarian educational traditions related to the availability of well-equipped laboratories, and provides an opportunity for extracurricular activities and training. With the creation and expansion of the Center's activities we hope to go beyond its original mission, becoming part of the improvement and reform of the Bulgarian educational system.

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